About Us

Wooliweiss, opened in 2003 by Catherine Urban, has over time acquired very demanding customers in the world of luxury and lifestyle that have inevitably strengthened the company's knowledge and research capabilities in all areas of Italian craftsmanship to always offer solutions of excellence as the world of luxury demands.

At the heart of our thinking is always the end user who uses the product and evaluates it.

For us, the quality of the materials, comfort and practicality are primary aspects that lead us to work with manufacturing companies that share the same concerns.

We have taken the same path with Hybridshoes.

Developed in collaboration with Waidesign srl, the product was born from the need to provide an elegant, lightweight slipper for our clients' boutique hotel suites, a slipper suitable for all situations, from the room to the spa, from the restaurant to the business centre and the gym. The immediate success obtained from customers asking where they could buy it led us to further improve the product, inserting a slightly higher and waterproof sole to improve grip in case of wet weather. colours for an even more glamorous look. When we saw on social media that customers were taking their footwear with them outside the hotel, on plane trips or at home, we knew we could sell it to anyone in a B2C model. To day Hybridshoes has improved even further, we have clients that use it walking on the street, like the barefoot enthusiasts we have come to know thanks to this extraordinary product.